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  • Provincia / Estado / Departamento: Cienfuegos
  • País: Cuba
  • Anunciado desde: 16 septiembre, 2019 3:28 pm
  • Expira el: Este anuncio ha expirado


The Judge died last night. He is survived by his wife Rhoda, their three children runescape 2007 gold Karen, Todd and his wife Monica, and Lynn and her husband Bruce. Judge Brown was exceedingly proud of his granddaughters Leah, who is entering her last year at West Point, and Alana, who will start her first year at West Point in September.

A lot of people are focusing on the fact that its unfair to give pregnant women so much slack when a man would never be given that much slack, but there is simply nothing a man goes through that is comparable to the vast and rapid physiological and hormonal changes a woman goes through during pregnancy. Men and women are different and that okay. That being said, I do think even despite those hormonal changes, what his wife did here was super not okay, and very manipulative, and is definitely grounds for couples therapy.

In this situation it’s definitely not a “enlightened centrist” deal to say both are incredibly unhealthy for gg and this sub as a whole. Both are absolutely extreme and toxic for the community. “Enlightened centrist” should only be used to describe when someone picks an extreme opinion because it’s in the middle of the two main viewpoints.

Prehistoric animals had tens of millions of years of gradually reach enormous sizes (the Cretaceous Period lasted about 79 million years) whereas the last ice age ended only about 11,000 years ago. Anytime there is a dramatic environmental change, the massive animals tend to go extinct and the smaller and more environmentally adaptive species tend to survive and be the dominant lifeforms for the next age.

Is it really fear mongering when cops are killing black people for bullshit reasons and getting off scot free, except for one? No it not and instead of blaming media for telling the reality of black American struggle with law enforcement, you would be better off pointing the blame at law enforcement and the court system for their lack of holding police officers accountable.

And the medical services in this town are HORRIBLE, to top it all off. One of the doctors at the aforementioned urgent care even forgot to send my x rays and blood tests over to the emergency room while I was in the middle of what they thought could be a (mild) medical emergency.

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