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General Info on OSRS Bounty Hunter Crate and 6% off Rsorder 2007 Runescape Gold

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The long-awaited design for OSRS Bounty Hunter rework has been revealed in the latest official blog. As the existing BH shop faces some issues, a new OSRS Bounty Hunter Shop is proposed to offer the Bounty Hunter Crate and other rewards.

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New OSRS Bounty Hunter Shop with BH rework

In the latest design for OSRS Bounty Hunter rework, the develop team proposes a new Bounty Hunter shop that sells the Bounty Hunter Crate, some cosmetic rewards and new supplies. The points that you earned from the points system and bounties would serve as currency for this OSRS Bounty Hunter Shop.

OSRS Bounty Hunter Crate with big rewards

OSRS Bounty Hunter Crate is a new crate offered in the new Bounty Hunter Shop, which costs 5 points. The Bounty Hunter Crates may contain loot and supplies worth 100,000 GP on average, and roll once on a unique loot table containing the following rewards:
1. An upgrade for the Saradomin sword
It can reduce the sword’s special attack energy cost to 60%, as well as deal magic based damage.
2. All Ancient Warriors’ weapons, working in PvP only
3. An Abyssal dagger upgrade
4. Mysterious emblems, including all tiers
5. Corrupt Dragon weaponry (battleaxe, longsword, dagger, mace, scimitar), requiring 20 attack
6. A Granite maul upgrade

Other rewards in OSRS Bounty Hunter Shop

Besides OSRS Bounty Hunter Crates, there will be other new cosmetic rewards and supplies in the new Bounty Hunter Shop:
1. Bounty Hunter Hat
2. Supplies
Omni runes
Teleport tablets for the Teleport to Bounty Target spell
3. Cosmetic Recolours
4. Special Attack Recolours (permanent unlocks)
5. Others
Rune pouch
The teleport to target spell unlock

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