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Rogues tend to shy away from head-on encounters and prefer to rely on their Deception, Assassination, and Subtlety skills instead. They are one of two Classes that have access to the Stealth mechanic, the other being, of course, Druids. Stealth allows Rogues to move undetected and engage unsuspecting Targets with deadly opening moves, which makes them very appealing for cheapest wow classic gold many Players. It also lets them sneak past packs of mobs and complete many, otherwise very difficult and time-consuming, Quests easily. In Open World PvP, Stealth puts Rogues at a very advantageous spot if they are the aggressor as it lets them dictate the rules of engagement. However, if they are the ones who get jumped on, they can be overwhelmed very quickly, because of their low Armor and Health values, and the lack of self-healing abilities, unless of course, they are experienced enough to employ their incredible Crowd Control and Survivability toolkits quickly. Abilities like Vanish, Blind, Gouge, and Kidney Shot make experienced Rogues very dangerous in 1v1 situations, even if they get attacked by surprise, as these abilities let them reset and re-engage on their own terms, and control the ensuing encounter with deadly precision. As a matter of fact, Rogues can CC their PvP Target for over 30 seconds without a problem, with a combination of Sap, Blind, Cheap Shot, Kidney Shot, and Gouge abilities.
Despite the advantages provided by Stealth mechanic and great CC capabilities, Rogues struggle a bit during leveling. This is caused by the inability to mitigate incoming Damage efficiently, the lack of Healing abilities, and low overall mobility. A lot of time that has to be invested into leveling a Rogue is spent for eating to regain Health or simply for traveling between locations. Moreover, while their Single Target DPS is very respectable throughout all Level ranges, they have close to zero AoE capabilities, which makes them struggle in 1vX PvE fights most of the time.
These shortcomings keep Rogues in line during their solo leveling journey but do not affect the End-Game that much. In fact, Rogues are the best pure DPS PvE Class in the game and are able to humiliate enemies in PvP when piloted with a certain dose of finesse and experience. If you are looking for a Class that is satisfying to play, engaging, challenging, and very hard to master in PvP, pick a Rogue.
Classic wow’s structure is a huge open world that hosts a web of smaller conflicts. In classic you respected the leveling of a single mob of equal level. In the open world, you had to pull mobs with precision as miscalculating the agro radius of nearby enemies spelled certain death and a long run back to your body, you need consumables such as food bandages and health potions to survive.
This guide will aid you and your Rogue on your journey to level 60; it will help you choose a Race, present you with an optimal leveling Talent build, point you towards Dungeons and Quests that award worthwhile Weapons, provide some tips & tricks, and more.
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